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Company profile

Our company started out with a focus on drug discovery & development with potential drug targets from medicinal plant sources as its primary objective but has now expanded its interest and expertise in other areas such as clinical trial support, bioethics, business development, implementation science, data science, and research training. Our focus is to conduct and support clinical research among African Americans, Hispanics, and all other minority groups in the US. We are also passionate about building the clinical research infrastructure in Nigeria and on the African continent as a whole.


Our overall goal is to ultimately improve the health outcomes of Africans and minority groups through improved & thorough quality conduct of clinical trials. We intend to harness the enormous potential for therapeutic breakthroughs that reside in the diversity of its people and we see the current gaps as opportunities and worthy challenges to be seized upon.


We would achieve this goal by forming strategic local & global collaboration and partnerships and by developing local expertise through continuous rigorous training. Some key therapeutic areas include sickle cell disease, contraceptives, HIV, malaria, and TB. Together our management team brings at least 35 years of clinical research experience to the company.

Contact us: 

Panacea Clinical Research, LLC

3675 Market Street, Suite 400

(Quorum work station)

Philadelphia, PA 19104​


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